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different business structures in the Globe


New businesses must identify in a business structure. Flowing this concept YM HBU think that create a right business structures are the sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation and limited liability company. Each structure has certain advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the appropriate organizational structure for your business is one of the most important decisions made and may require advice from an attorney, accountant or other professional advisor.

The Small Business Administration breaks down different business structures in the Globe.

Set up companies

We incorporate in Malta, the UK, Dubai, Cyprus and popular jurisdictions such as the USA. We have a dedicated website for Dubai.

Open bank accounts

We can help you open banc accounts, both personal and corporate, in select jurisdictions.

Register vessels

We help register vessels and yatchs (pleasure/commercial yatchs) incertain jurisdictions. We also help release mortgages.

Obtain licenses

We help incorporate and obtain licenses for investmentfunds, as well as for other licensable activities, such as iGaming (certain jurisdictions).

Back office

We offer services of back office, book keeping and administration.

Tax Advice

Our services also include counsultancy in the areas of tax and VAT.


Accounts and audit

Some jurisdictions require audited accounts. We can provide competitive rates for this services

Start up

We love start ups! We can help start ups take their first steps into the world


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