YM Innovation Lab

development of capabilities and knowledge


Yieldmaster Enterprises Group has, as its main working axes, the attraction, the establishment and the development of capabilities and knowledge, through the promotion and stimulus of creativity and innovation, this are the many target in Innovation Lab.

Innovation LAB Center

Its mission is to enhance synergies among all Yieldmaster Enterprises Group network, identify and share best practices and promote the role of Travel industry in supporting entrepreneurship. With a mission to globalize the YM network , contributing to the creation of a sustainable ecosystem of innovative players.


We Specialize in Data, Digital Transformation and Audience.

Sophisticated targeting techniques allow us to ensure the right message reaches the right people at the right time, and gets results. We specialize in integrating digital, social, mobile and more into comprehensive omni/multi-channel campaigns that are proven to drive results.

Data drives success. We use it to make better decisions in everything we do. From targeting custom audiences, to bringing ou mail list to digital, to building look-a-like audiences, we’ll use our data expertise to reach your goals.





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