YM Franchising Solutions

specialize in business solutions for big and small business the world over


Our Mission

YM Franchising Solutions the goal is to provide a reliable, innovation platform module where entrepreneurs can connect with franchisors seeking investors. In support of this objective, our mission is to be the leading online resource for franchise opportunities and the knowledge center of choice for anyone seeking information on the franchise travel industry.

Our History

YM Franchising Solutions was founded in 2019 and is among the pioneers of tech lead generation for the franchise travel industry. With over 2000 years in our staff group of online marketing experience, YM Franchising Solutions has grown to become the important partner for franchise and business opportunities.

Advertise Your Franchise

YM Franchising Solutions offers options to suit all of your franchising needs. Whether you want a national campaign, or just a few states, or even an international expansion, our experienced team can help you choose the right lead generation package for you.


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