Who We Are

international network specializing in solution management

Who we are

YieldMaster Enterprises Group is an international network specializing in solution management and consultancy for the tourism industry. We operate in multiple business areas providing a unique portfolio for the tourism industry. Our vast experience, the use of technology and a highly qualified team enable us to find any solution for our partners, fulfilling all the needs of a new generation market.

Our team’s experience and talent result in high quality work, and the goals of our partners are achieved using skill and professionalism. Created in 2011, with headquarters in Lisbon, the brand has expanded and we now have partner offices in several cities in Europe, Americas, Africa and Asia, Spain, USA, UAE, United Kingdom, Canada, Portugal, Greece, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Poland, South Africa, Mozambique, France and China. The team is made up of 14 in-house members and outsourced collaborators.

Our Executives and Sales Managers are highly experienced and are considered among the best in their field. In order to meet the needs of our partners, we have a diverse and multicultural team, fluent in Portuguese, English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Polish, Chinese and Russian. All our managers worldwide are highly qualified professionals who are carefully selected to provide our clients with an exclusive experience.


We intend to be a change agent in the tourism company sector, actively
ontributing to boost management. Our experience shows that there are huge opportunities for increased performance. That’s where our signature Achievers Make the Change comes from.

Talent Pool

Above all, we are a talent pool, bringing together some of the best professionals in the industry. A huge opportunity for anyone looking to develop their skills and accelerate career development


Our integrated approach to the needs of the industry, with a full range of Management and Consulting services, generates opportunities in the most diverse areas, in both operational functions and in support of project management or development



We are a young but experienced team with a strong track record in the market. We believe in initiative, effort and merit, and we have a performance-oriented culture, understanding that this is the attraction and internal development of the best talent – yours


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