Yieldmaster Enterprise Group and Travelbrainz announce a strategic alliance.

TravelBrainz is a specialised Travel Industry Consultancy, with over 30 years of varied business experience across most segments of travel, including; Tour Operation, in-resort services, hotel management, travel technology, yield management, product sourcing, strategic advisory, online marketing, channel management, key account management strategy, PR resourcing. If you want to enter new markets, localise your digital offering, test new product ranges, seek quality business introductions for acquisition, investment or partnership Travelbrainz is working with companies in the travel space to maximise connectivity and leverage ideas across multiple verticals. Connecting is our speciality; we can reach across borders, across technologies and across time-zones to create value through partnership and cooperation. If you need new ideas, have a project to work on, we can help to ensure optimised results across short deadlines but with lasting results. We have teamed up with like-minded partners in Paris, Dublin and Moscow to provide a truly global service.

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