Creates opportunities that Mentees/Partners may not otherwise encounter in their professional lives

Meet Our Mentors

The Mentors bringing a range of (non-conflicting) business-skills and professional experience that enables them to offer advice and insightful perspective to their Mentees/Partners.

The sharing of Mentor wisdom and experience creates opportunities that Mentees/Partners may not otherwise encounter in their professional lives. These might include increased exposure and possible access to business networks as they develop essential communication skills, including networking with other Mentees/Partners.

Luís Ferrinho Portugal


“Always connected to information technologies, starting as a software developer. However, my professional career is unavoidably linked to Visualforma, which I founded in 1995 and which I still lead to this day, always focused on making it a reference in the information technology market. Today Omnibees ( is the realization of a work of many years.

I believe that well-prepared companies that invest in innovation, differentiation and the training of their employees consistently and in the long term can only accumulate success, and I am guided by management that meets these requirements in the companies I lead.”



David Hernández Spain


“Over 15 years experience in Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Business Development, Business Turnaround and Corporate Finance across different industries and geographies.
Leading top teams in redefining business strategies and implementing growth and turnaround plans for top companies such as Accenture, Mckinsey and Banco Santander.
Constantly looking for new challenges in Entrepreneurship, Business Management and Turnaround.

Specialties: Business Management, Business Turnaround, Strategy & Business Development, Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Finance – ECM & M&A”



Olivier Boinet French


One of my success stories is the Sweeping log, patented worldwide. This product is world leader in chimney cleaning and maintenance products. A complete market creation from scratch.
Now sold under Creosote Sweeping Log brand in the USA and white labels, distribution includes 30 countries for 70.000 points of sales worldwide. More than 30M sold on the North American Market ( USA & CAN ) across all major retail stores, TV shopping, home shopping centers, walmart, walgreens, home-depot and so much more.
Today, 60,000 websites are talking about it. Recognized as historical leader and serves as market reference.




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We are looking for visionary people with a passion for startups and entrepreneurship who would like to join us as Regional Partner or Representative and represent us in different countries worldwide. A Regional Partner or Representative will help reply to investors/entrepreneurs who reside in their own country and speak the same language. A representative is NOT limited to the country of choice and can still work worldwide. As a representative, your mission is to bring firms, partners, entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors. This can be done through your networks or while you are attending conferences. You could be speaking about Yieldmaster’s technical consulting and present it. Fill our Questionnaire below to allow us to understand how we can cooperate together. Please do answer each question in details to be able to explore the potential we have. After discussion, we will send you the agreement for a review. Please note that our agreement is standard and includes many clauses for future cooperation with Yieldmaster.


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