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Looking to buy a business? Browse through market opportunities. When choosing a travel industry to invest ?, you want to find a business that produces quality products and services for travel consumers ? Some factors to consider when choosing a travel industry ? initial investment, capital requirements, business financing, current trends and the amount of time it will take to get your business up and running.

The sharing of Entrepreneaurs vision and experience creates opportunities that Partners may not otherwise encounter in their professional lives. These might include increased exposure and possible access to business networks as they develop essential communication skills, including networking with other Partners .

Nour Mouakkle United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Born and raised in Aleppo, Syria, Nour moved to the UK to do his MA in Marketing at Durham University in 2009. Being Syrian with a home country at war, Nour applied to become a refugee in 2014. Having worked in the hospitality industry for over 15 years at the Sheraton and the Intercontinental Hotel Group, among others, Nour moved into the tech industry and started Wizme.

After being homeless, drowning in debt and being completely on his own, Nour hustled to build a prototype which helped him secure £130k in investment and establish an industry advisory board. Named as one to watch by Buying Business Travel and shortlisted to the Disrupt Awards by The Business Travel Show and to Entrepreneur Award by GTMC , Nour launches Wizme v.2.0 in July 2019.

At Wizme, we believe in the power of human relationships, it’s these connections that drive commerce around the world, and by bringing people together at meetings and events we enable this to happen; to that end:
Our purpose is to make the experience of managing meetings and events magical.
So that the whole value chain can connect, increase productivity and reduce costs making it easier for face to face meetings and events to happen anywhere in the world.



Paul Stanyer United Kingdom

United Kingdom

A former overseas holiday rep and 30-year travel industry veteran. The founder and former CEO of the leading European transfer provider, Holiday Taxis (Sold to hotel beds in Jan 2019) and founder of Hangout on Holiday.

Paul is a determined ambitious and passionate individual committed to doing things properly in or out of business. Most industry ‘experts’ predicted Holiday Taxis would fail. After all there is a taxi rank at every airport. Paul had the vision to see how the future would evolve and the strength to not listen to these ‘experts’. The pre-booked transfer sector is now worth over £100 million per year.

It is this vision that predicts Hangout on Holiday will become a major travel brand in the next 5 years.

Paul is the only person to win the award for Innovation in Travel Twice, was short-listed by Ernst & Young as Entrepreneur of the year and made the final 3 of IOD Director of the year. He took Holiday Taxis into the Times Fast-track 100 for 2 consecutive years and was profiled by the Sunday Times and Financial Times respectively.



David Henderson United Kingdom

United Kingdom

David’s passion for the Travel Industry started over 30 years ago as an overseas holiday Rep, running various summer and winter programmes for amongst others, Neilson Ski Holidays in the Austrian Alps, Group Tours around the Swiss Alps, French Riviera campsites and latterly Sunmed Holidays in Corfu.

He then joined Holiday Taxis as MD International in 2006 to successfully establish and scale the business globally, ahead of its sale.

David is a Co-Founder of the pioneering new Travel App, Hangout on Holiday and has been focussed on evolving the brand and commercial proposition, launching to its first Partners and Operators across the Med and helping to source new talent and Resort based partners to support scaling the operations ahead of on-boarding the next tranche of high profile industry clients.

During a break from the travel industry, David had significant headline generating success in multiple VC backed software start-ups, including a 2 Year tenure inside IBM’s outsourcing unit.
His prior industry experiences include a decade in the Global Telecoms, Banking and Systems Integrator sectors managing Global Sales teams across all continents, combined with several years as MD/VP Europe, spearheading the launch of several US enterprise technology software start-ups.

He is highly networked, entrepreneurial with current and past experiences and with substantial sales and management success across all sectors of the global travel ecosystem.

He strongly believes that the most fruitful commercial relationships occur between organisations who believe in, have confidence in and, above all, like and trust each other.

He is always open to forging new relationships and helping to steer new ventures via his comprehensive international network.



Paulo Barreiros Portugal


Portuguese entrepreneur, CEO and board member of technology and tourism companies

Began his professional career in 1980 by joining a tour operator founded by his family, based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Over 12 years, crossing various departments acquires skills in all segments of this business, namely management, complemented by specific technology backgrounds, like Relational Databases, Connectivity, and IT Management. He has pioneered the use of organizational and electronic communications technologies in the tourism industry.

Foreseeing that the need for state-of-the-art technology would become the backbone of the tourism industry in the years to come, leads him to support the founding of TFV SA in 1992, assuming its leadership since 2001.

Partner and CEO of TFV Sistemas Informáticos Sa.
Foundation: 1992
Headquarters: Lisbon, Portugal

A joint-stock company, 100% Portuguese capital owned, TFV is devoted to developing advanced technology for the tourism industry, focused on dedicated software for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies with massive connectivity to more than 90 other travel industry players.

TFV products are responsible for the management of a significant share of travel operators and agencies in Portugal.

In 2007 the company began its internationalization process, investing in some African markets: Cape Verde, Mozambique, and Angola, as well as in South America, namely (but not only) in Brazil, where TFV founded a subsidiary for this region.

With 26 years of activity, TFV SA is a solid company with a consolidated customer base, namely in Portugal and Brazil.

Supported by a dynamic and professional team and a proven deployment methodology, TFV ensures good value for its customers.

TFV Solution for travel operator (TriPoint) had supported the business for more than 90 travel operators in EU and LATAM, booking and controlling more than 3.6M reservations, trading over 700 $million in 2018.

Founder and Board Member of Pteam Europa Sa.
Foundation: 2006
Headquarters: Lisbon, Portugal

A joint-stock company, Pteam is a well-known tour operator based in Lisbon, Portugal, specializing in Religious and Cultural Tourism.

To date, Pteam has been responsible for organizing themed tours to hundreds of religious and cultural destinations worldwide for over 30,000 customers.

Founder and Board Member of TFV BRASIL Ltda.
Foundation: 2010
Headquarters: Sao Paulo, Brazil

A limited liability company, TFV BRASIL represents TFV Sa in Brazil and is responsible for the commercial activity and after-sales support in Brazil of the technology developed by TFV Sa from Portugal.

TFV BRASIL achieves active networking at the highest level in the tourism, technology, banking, and “electronic payments” industries.

Founder and partner of Sports Level Europa Ltda.
Foundation: 2014
Headquarters: Lisbon, Portugal

A limited liability company, Sports Level Europa, acting under the “Next Level” brand, specializing in the localization of USA University Scholarships for athletes/students of various sports.

Sports Level Europa creates opportunities and solutions for those wishing to pursue their sports careers while completing college degrees at a USA university.



Luís Ferrinho Portugal


“Always connected to information technologies, starting as a software developer. However, my professional career is unavoidably linked to Visualforma, which I founded in 1995 and which I still lead to this day, always focused on making it a reference in the information technology market. Today Omnibees (www.omnibees.com) is the realization of a work of many years.

I believe that well-prepared companies that invest in innovation, differentiation and the training of their employees consistently and in the long term can only accumulate success, and I am guided by management that meets these requirements in the companies I lead.”



David Hernández Spain


“Over 15 years experience in Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Business Development, Business Turnaround and Corporate Finance across different industries and geographies.
Leading top teams in redefining business strategies and implementing growth and turnaround plans for top companies such as Accenture, Mckinsey and Banco Santander.
Constantly looking for new challenges in Entrepreneurship, Business Management and Turnaround.

Specialties: Business Management, Business Turnaround, Strategy & Business Development, Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Finance – ECM & M&A”



Brendan W Kader South Africa

South Africa

“I am a creative trend business development specialist and entrepreneur. I see things from a very insightful creative eye, offering my clients critical insight to their brands and business and fostering strong relationships based on a high standard of work ethic and pride in our output for being cutting edge in my thinking and execution.”



Laszlo Kele Switzerland


“Over 20 years of success in responsible hospitality management and direction within diverse areas. Proven ability to learn quickly, assess problems, and initiate corrective action. Comfortable in fast-paced, high stress situations requiring attention to detail and follow through. Able to motivate personnel to high performance / service standards and excellence, as well as guarantee quality operations. Strong organizational and written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills help to ensure successful integration with varied personalities within a team centered environment, as well as the ability to make key decisions, network and negotiate with vendor contacts. Demonstrate success in organizing tasks, increasing efficiency, and obtaining maximum results from limited material and manpower resources. Expertise in multi-unit management including profit and loss, budgeting, forecasting, quality control, as well as an in-depth understanding of ICT systems and the importance of choosing the right systems for each location to run a hotel cost effectively. Reputation for excellence, integrity, and maximizing revenue, reducing operating expenses, improving quality control and exceeding profit objectives.”



Alberto Pastor Spain


Born in Barcelona (Spain) May 21, 1970
2011-Present Soccer Music Xperience International Ltd. & Road without AMET Association (Liverpool – UK)
Position: Founding Partner & Director
2010 Union Internationale de FutNet (UNIF) (Barcelona – Spain)
Position: Founder Member & General Secretary
2007-2009 Beach Soccer Catalonia (Barcelona – Spain)
Position: Founder & Director
2000-2006 Swiss Futsal Association (Zurich – Switzerland)
Position: Founder & Director





Highly creative, knowledgeable, resourceful and hands on, results oriented Executive, with impressive experience in institutional consulting, and management of independent hotel properties as well as international hotel chain. Consistently delivering results that contribute to the mission and overall success of the project or hotel operation, by accomplishing performance objectives focused on achieving established objectives, business operating results, effectiveness and efficiencies. Achievements have been made possible through guest and associates’ satisfaction



Olivier Boinet French


One of my success stories is the Sweeping log, patented worldwide. This product is world leader in chimney cleaning and maintenance products. A complete market creation from scratch.
Now sold under Creosote Sweeping Log brand in the USA and white labels, distribution includes 30 countries for 70.000 points of sales worldwide. More than 30M sold on the North American Market ( USA & CAN ) across all major retail stores, TV shopping, home shopping centers, walmart, walgreens, home-depot and so much more.
Today, 60,000 websites are talking about it. Recognized as historical leader and serves as market reference.




Aleksandar Ilic Serbia


Aleksandar Ilic is the CEO of Radio 101 from Belgrade, Serbia is a company specialised in organizing and maintaining an ultimate music experience in your hotel or resort. We are able to develop program, prepare and deploy music that will suit all tastes of your guests, be appropriate of time, style and variety.Concept is based on a seven day program for all your facilities, developed in such way that hotel guests and staff are always hearing something new, yet familiar to them.




Ioannis Papadopoulos Greece


April 2017 to present:
FLUIDRA HELLAS – Project Manager
Management of the large Spa and Pool Projects.

2016 to present:
– Evalution – Conception – Development of Medical Spa projects.

2012 to present:
– AQUA POOLS, Founder owner and CEO
– A company specialized in pool constructions.

2012 to present:
– Aphrodite spa management boasts extensive management experience in luxury spas and makes use of the know-how of product companies including beauty companies and wet area equipment.

1999 to present:
– JP CONSTRUCTIONS, Founder owner and CEO;
– Construction company specialized in spa projects.

1992 to present:
– AITHRA-WELLNESS, Co- owner and CEO
– Company specialized in spa and beauty products.




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