Yieldmaster Enterprises Group and Dingus announce a strategic alliance. With a portfolio of products that covers commercialization for big properties but also for the smallest ones – more than 15500 active connectivities and all of them will help their clients to achieve and increase the number of bookings. Going from direct (B2C) and indirect (B2B) sales strategies improving the management of your treasury by meeting the PCI standards Dingus is an integral solution that allows the hotels to manage marketing and administrate the bookings.

HORSE21PRO – Elite corporate travel for everyone

Yieldmaster Enterprise Group and HORSE21PRO announce a strategic alliance.

The Horse21pro mission is to turn tiny steps into cross-continent leaps – for the road warrior, the TMC executive, and everyone in between.

TECHNOHAVEN – A whole spectrum of web related services

Yieldmaster Enterprise Group and TECHNOHEAVEN, announce a strategic alliance in order to built and break the market inefficiencies for both bookers and venues.

In today’s technological era – regardless of the nature of the business or industry -it is imperative for company to have a strong foothold on the web in order to boost its digital presence and elevate the activities to new heights. This is where the techniques of manipulating your website come in.

As a Dubai-headquartered company with extensive experience and a proven track record of success, Techno Heaven provides turnkey solutions to assure their clients of exceptional product delivery while taking care of the varied facets of their project – from its analysis, design and development to distribution, management, and on-going support.

WIZME – Smart venue booking service

Yieldmaster Enterprise Group and WIZME announce a strategic alliance in order to built and break the market inefficiencies for both bookers and venues.

WIZME mission is to streamline the current processes that are used today from start to finish. You may ask how? Well, with years of experience under my belt, constant eyes on all current systems used, working closely with clients, agents and venue managers, we have worked hard to cover all the aspects required by the market in our platform. Wizme provides you with the ultimate booking experience with full spending visibility along with reporting functionality that has never been provided before.

This is the future of event booking, Wizme is the real deal.

GEBTA – Gold of European Business Travel Agents España

Yieldmaster Enterprise Group and GEBTA announce a strategic alliance.
The strategic partnership agreement Key aim to facilitate innovation in the sector.

This strategic alliance is aimed at fostering innovation in the tourism sector and across their value chain partners.

WTM LONDON 2019 (4 – 6 November)

Yieldmaster Enterprise Groupwill be present at WTM 2019 in London with our partners.

Our solutions allows to empower travel professionals and their companies around the world with tools and managment that enables them to grow the entire business cycle, providing more time for planning, strategy and emerging profit channels

Click here and set up an appointment with our team, we would be happy to meet anyone interested to do so!

Visit the event website for more information on WTM in London.

REPUTIZE – New Strategic Alliance

Yieldmaster Enterprise Group and Reputize announce a strategic alliance in order help hoteliers to increase online reputation. Reputize will offer hoteliers access to its CRM platform and YM Enterprice Group will help in consulting & advising, sales and implementation/ support of this solution to the project partners.

Reputize is a leading end-to-end guest relationship management platform.
It provides an easy way for hotel professionals to monitor, collect and amplify guest reviews.

ILLUSIONS Online – A new and solid Partnership!

Yieldmaster Enterprise Group and Illusions Online announced a strategic partnership to penetrate in the European market.

With over 20 years of experience meeting the needs of the travel industry across five continents, and winner of numerous travel technology awards, Illusions is a global leader in supplying its enterprise systems to Tour Operators, Travel Agents and Destination Management Companies.

Illusions Online was established in 1997 by entrepreneur Faisal Memon, to modernise and automate the complex task of creating, distributing and delivering dynamically packaged travel and destination activities.

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