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They are top Industry dealers & Networking Professionals who advocate Yieldmaster Enterprises Group and contribute to the development of the worldwide concept and to the benefits for our partners and network. They are great entrepreneurs, globetrotters or creative storytellers who have demonstrated significant leadership and success in their professions; they share our vision and help all of us grow. They help to represent our network, participate in the promotion of Yieldmaster Enterprises Group and encourage further support from their networks.

Dr. Jesús Gatell Spain


– President of the MADRID HOTEL BUSINESS ASSOCIATION (since November 1997)
– President of the Committee on Tourism, Fairs and Meetings of the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY OF MADRID- CEIM / CEOE.
– Delegate in Madrid of Grupo HUSA.
– Advisor of TURISMO MADRID.
– Member of the Governing Council of the MUNICIPAL TOURISM BOARD.
– Vice President of MADRID CONVENTION BUREAU – Madrid City Council.
– Member of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of the SPANISH CONFEDERATION OF HOTELS AND TOURIST ACCOMMODATIONS (CEHAT)
– Member of the Board of Directors of CEIM-CONFEDERACION EMPRESARIAL DE MADRID – CEOE.
– Coordinator of the City Tourism Area of ​​the Tourism Commission of the SUPERIOR COUNCIL OF CHAMBERS of Spain.
– Coordinator and Professor of the MASTER IN MANAGEMENT AND HOTEL MANAGEMENT. Institute of Education Sciences. Polytechnic University of Madrid.
– Member of the Tourism Business Advisory Commission of the Antonio de Nebrija University of Madrid.
– Professor and / or lecturer in Seminars and Courses taught by the Official Tourism School of Madrid, ESADE of Barcelona, ​​University of Girona, University of Santiago de Compostela, Higher School of Hospitality and Tourism Business Management of Bilbao, General Directorate of Tourism from Extremadura, Asturias, Castilla y León, Castilla – La Mancha, etc.
– Technological Expert of the Ministry of Education and Science, for the configuration of the LOGSE.
– Author of numerous articles in journals of the tourism sector (SPIC, EDITUR, I.H., AVIATION AND TOURISM, etc.) and business (DIRECTION AND PROGRESS, EXECUTIVES, etc.)
– Author of the book “HOTEL HOTEL MARKETING”. CDN editorial. Madrid 1994.
– Author of the book “MARKETING DEL AMOR”. Madrid 2006
– Author of the Director Management Manual for HOTELES HUSA: “Hotel Director Manual”.
– Gold Star HUSA 1990 for the best Hotel Director.
– Silver Medal for Tourist Merit 1990.
– Police Merit Medal 2006.
– 2007 HERMESTUR Award



Dr. Diego Montesinos Spain


More than 30 years of business experience . Leadership at the highest level, providing in-depth knowledge with diverse sectors include : Industrial ; Real Estate & Construction ; Consumer Goods ; Retail & Leisure ; Energy. Academic bacground in Economics and Business Administration with Cum Laude Honors at the University of Colorado USA . An entire professional career developed in an international context which has provided relevant exposure in Europe, Asia, Latam and North America . All the professional exposure in ultra competitive sectors as a common denominator . In these past 30 years, having received sinficant recognition from employees , customers alike and investors. A drive for Excellence and a long track record where Continous Added Value is Provided as part of DNA to deliver new Benchmarks and piece together the elements required in current Environment . Current Context of Complexity , where status quo complacency and Status Quo Mediocre performance is given me a unique Privileged Position for me to engage and thus give superior returns and added value to all stakeholders. Always a most relevant incremental value as benchmarked with any comparable alternative may exist.



Dr. Akhilesh India


Experiential authority on management of both SMEs and large scale entrepreneurship.Blessed with a natural empathy and sensitivity to others point of view, his forte is operationalizing plans and projects. Intuitive sense coupled with application of advanced econometric methodologies lends a unique rigor to his analyses. An experience that endows him with hands-on business perspectives, Six Sigma Expert, Management Consultant, Engineer, Writer, Scientist, Visionary, Spiritualist, Power Talks, Author of book on Alternate Energy, HR, Spirituality and General. Loves to share perspectives, honing effective relating communicating skills and winning ace placements. He has versatile experience, entrepreneur with diverse field of experiences.



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