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    We've been solving key innovation challenges for leading organizations around the world by using know-how based market segmentation methodology.

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    Growth is always hard, but in times of change and uncertainty even successful companies can face steep obstacles to achieving it. We create the vision to own the future.

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    Successful businesses understand the need to continuously improve their business processes: to become more efficient and productive, and to respond to market.

Who we are

YieldMaster Enterprises Group is an international network specializing in solution management and consultancy for the tourism industry. We operate in multiple business areas providing a unique portfolio for the tourism industry. Our vast experience, the use of technology and a highly qualified team enable us to find any solution for our partners, fulfilling all the needs of a new generation market.

Our team’s experience and talent result in high quality work, and the goals of our partners are achieved using skill and professionalism. Created in 2011, with headquarters in Lisbon, the brand has expanded and we now have partner offices in several cities in Europe, Americas, Africa and Asia, Spain, USA, UAE, United Kingdom, Canada, Portugal, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Poland, Greece, South Africa, Mozambique, France and China. The team is made up of 14 in-house members and outsourced collaborators.

Our Executives and Sales Managers are highly experienced and are considered among the best in their field. In order to meet the needs of our partners, we have a diverse and multicultural team, fluent in Portuguese, English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Polish, Chinese and Russian. All our managers worldwide are highly qualified professionals who are carefully selected to provide our clients with an exclusive experience.

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Why tourism?

Tourism is one of the most powerful – and most valued – tools for promoting economic and social development, in both developed and developing countries. In short, tourism is a big business. Thoughtfully developed worldwide, it is also, by almost any measure, an environmentally friendly industry; in fact, the environment is one of tourism’s biggest natural resources.

More importantly, tourism helps to preserve natural resources that might otherwise be depleted, and can help restore resources that have been degraded, by giving them economic value as tourism assets and visitor attractions.

Tourism is unique in so many other ways. In most countries you’ll find the most interesting and unique attractions are nearly always located in rural areas, where socioeconomic deprivation is often the greatest, and the most difficult to address. This presents incredible opportunities for tourism to contribute to both the economic development and conservation of unique destinations.

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Our Services

YM Digital Solutions

A full service digital agency that grows brands online. From digital strategy to custom web development and digital marketing.

YM Advising

We provide a specialist with experience in any area of focus, examples are multi-disciplined consulting and advisors, branding/strategic etc...


Each structure has certain advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the appropriate organizational structure for your business.

YM Accelarator

Each challenge with an open mind and seeks to create the optimal solution for all stakeholders, so whatever your financial needs...

YM Consulting

All our team have held senior level positions within global tourism companies. A cohesive full-service consulting firm specializing in travel.

YM Innovation Lab

The establishment and the development of capabilities and knowledge, through the promotion and stimulus of creativity and innovation.

YM Hospitality

From international chains to independent hotels we support owners in project developments, asset acquisitions or existing operations.

YM Ambassadors

The YM Brand Ambassador’s purpose is to develop and maintain a positive company image by efficiently interacting with potencial partners.

Why We're Different


    We are tourism specialists and we work exclusively in this industry.


    Our integrated approach is focused on managing travel contacts exchange, social media and sales channels


    We continuously monitor any changes and create new tools, platforms, and applications that will deliver tangible benefits


    Yield Master has relationships with some of the most prominent organisations in the travel and tourism industry.


    Our main goal is to develop innovative and global solutions.

Would you like to join us as Regional Partner or Representative and represent us in different countries worldwide?

Our Methodology

We have a technical department that can implement the solutions in any part of the world. The market does not wait, timing is crucial in the tourism industry.

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